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Please Read: TLS 1.2 *GUN PRODUCTION* Upgrade Information

On 08/28/20, TLS 1.1 and **Windows 7** will not have RP access

Reverse Proxy security will be upgraded to industry-best-practice levels, requiring operating systems and web browsers to support TLS 1.2 encryption protocol and TLS 1.2 encryption algorithms.

Current versions of Windows (Win10), Internet Explorer, Edge, FireFox, and Google Chrome support the necessary standards. Other browsers and versions may have difficulties. If you are running older applications, testing is advised. (See link below.)

Details can be found here and a Test URL is available for application testing.

Firm Schedule

August 28,2020GUN Production
July 9, 2020GUN Pre-ProductionCompleted
July 13, 2020CIE Non-ProductionCompleted
July 20, 2020CIE ProductionCompleted